Welcome to the Pan-African Youth Union!


Message from the President

Young people of Africa, our continent is facing enormous difficulties that prevents its development.

Far from being a fatality, we have the duty to organize ourselves and revolt against these scourges that create thousands of victims every day.

Yes, it is possible, it is only necessary that we become aware, decide to take our destiny in hand and impose the future of Africa that we need.

It is better to sacrifice ourselves one day than to live always in suffering.

Young people of Africa, together it is possible!



Moumouni DIalla

Message from the Secretary General

My vision is to scale up meaningful youth engagements and participation on the continent, anchored on a revitalized and durable PYU, with renewed impetus that encapsulate the aspirations of Agenda 2063, robust enough to guarantee an inclusive, prosperous and progressive Africa we want.

My goal is to stimulate a deep spirit of African patriotism and a passionate sense of belongingness to the ideals of Pan Africanism among African Youth, with a renewed sense of commitment, confidence, dignity and black consciousness, ready to dedicate ourselves to the socio-political and economic development of Africa.

My mission is to build an integrated, resilient and robust Pan African Youth Union, ready and capable enough to confront the challenges of young people without fear or favor.

I therefore dedicate myself to the service of the young people of Africa, to work with you the youth and our partners, to break down the barriers that impede our development.

My solemn pledge is to collaborate with all youth groups, National Youth Councils, Regional Platforms, Youth Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations to deliver on the mandate of our union, to reignite the spirit of Pan Africanism and the African renaissance agenda.

May God bless Africa, Make us Great and Strong.


Bening Ahmed Wiisichong - Secretary General